Play With
Your Reality

We at KULURA have been working hard to create an exciting portfolio of Augmented Reality Products specifically designed for Events and Marketing!

We can embed virtually any digital content into pretty much anything you can point your phone at!

Interactive Print

Bring your programs to life with this enticing product now available from KULURA! Watch your attendees interact with your print material in disbelief as they scan Video Profiles of your keynote speakers, watch sponsors logos come to life, click through to sign up to your newsletter, get updates on schedule changes and any alerts you want to send to them! Keep them excited and informed!

Tantalizing Tickets

Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Step and Repeats, Ads, and anything else you print can be used as an engaging experience for your customers! If you want to maximize your impact and amaze your patrons, this is a must-have item to add to your roster!


Tel: 647.860.8773
Em: to@kulura.com


Tel: 778.587.9198
Em: van@kulura.com

Event Passes

Everyone who attends your events has a pass around their neck! Why not embed digital media into it with Kulura! Interactive Schedules, video highlights, picture galleries, informative links and literally anything you can dream up always readily accessible to scan with any smartphone or tablet!

Epic Merchandise

What better way for your attendees to bring home the experience of your event that will create a long lasting impression! TeeShirts, Hats, Mugs, swag bags, and literally any Form of merchandise your attendees receive can be brought to life with our universal Augmented Reality APP! Any time! Anywhere!